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There are many ways to approach video production. Some of the more popular are:

NEWS Style
For news, immediacy and economy are prime considerations along with an emphasis of course on recording significant events.

filming staged scenes  with the miltary Typically, news items are filmed in a single day.  A small crew and a reporter capture events as they happen. 

shahnaz pakravan and sue carpenter present a corporate news programmeThey may supplement action footage with brief interview clips and perhaps add graphics, archive material or other footage.

The reporter interprets events, and often talks direct to camera to cover parts of the story not apparent from those events.

When the story to be told will take longer than a minute or two, behind the mask lies what ...?producer-directors (perhaps assisted by researchers) normally investigate a subject and look for accessible and stimulating ways to present their findings.

Often, this will involve diverse coverage of relevant people, activities and events over a longer period of time, using different strands of material to bring out different parts of the story as well as to help to sustain interest.

Voiceover or presenter may be used.

The advertising approach, sometimes mirrored in cinema production, dramatised training video sceneusually involves close attention to the visual Merton Borough Council environmental awareness videoaspects of the story, often to the extent of preparing "storyboards" to work out visuals in detail ahead of production.

Then what needs to be shown is created - staged in front of the camera, or originated as editing or graphic effects, or a combination.

This approach helps to achieve high-impact work, though it can be more costly.

strutting some stuff for internal compliance
Pick a hit song with a strong, memorable message. Mix in a mass of appropriate visuals, cut to the beat. Overlay key ideas, concepts, facts, statistics or buzzwords as layers of floating text, or as interactive-style information frames.

legs and co Widely used and potentially  effective, this approach suffers from over-reliance on a small range of classic pop songs.

The impact of songs like Simply The Best, We Are The Champions, Proud and  It's A Beautiful Day can be a little diluted when they appear on so many corporate communications.

Costs for clearing the music rights can be substantial.

Hallmark site opening
Sometimes a video grows out of a special event or a particular activity that seems of interest to potential audiences.

party planners sit back and enjoy .... A regular approach is to "cover" the event - attend, and collect extensive video (with one or more cameras) of as much of what's going as is practical and interesting, and hand this coverage over to a producer / editor to make something out of.

Hallmark - cutting the ribbonThis coverage can then be edited in different ways and with different "slants", to suit particular  audiences or purposes.

If coverage in this style is thoughtfully planned, over a period of time an organisation can build a valuable video archive, making it possible to produce varied, interesting and high-impact videos speedily and economically to meet particular communications needs as they arise.

At a more ambitious level, this approach has also contributed to a number of  high-profile music films, including Woodstock and No Direction Home, The Last Waltz and balloonsMadonna: Truth or Dare.

Derry and his balloon

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