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Food Safety
Whatever eventually happens with genetically modified foods, the threats to health posed by  food poisoning remain substantial. Even the most traditional of ingredients and foodstuffs can become a threat to health if people working in catering and food processing businesses slip up in their food hygiene obligations.

Grapevine distributes two food safety training videos, which it produced in in conjunction with The Wellcome Foundation.

The Bug Stops Here is intended for use by trainers and and managers in catering businesses, and has been widely taken up both by national (British) chains and by operators of single-outlet catering businesses. 

It's around half an hour long and, and was developed with substantial input from a senior Environmental Health Officer and experienced food hygiene trainer. It provides a basic introduction to food safety for catering staff, and covers much of the ground introduced in the Basic Certificate in Food Hygiene course managed by the CIEH (Chartered Institute for Environmental Health).

This video can serve as useful  introductory food hygiene briefing for new, temporary or casual catering staff, as well as functioning effectively as reinforcement and refreshment for those undertaking more formal training.

The magazine Health and Safety at Work voted it one of the most memorable training films of the year, and wrote:

     " .... In less than half an hour this well-crafted film manages to encapsulate everything the ordinary worker needs to know about the protection of food in catering establishments and the personal hygiene of the people who work there. Everything from the presenter herself to the manner in which the facts are marshalled is clear crisp and concise. It is a model of what an instructional film of this kind should be."
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Made by same team, One Bad Apple is intended for use in the food processing industry, and has been adopted by the Society of Food Hygiene Technologists (SOFHT) as part of the core training courses they offer. While of course it covers much the same fundamentals of food hygiene as The Bug Stops Here, the focus and the visual material are geared more to an industrial rather than a catering setting.

At around 22 minutes, it can provide useful support to trainers running basic food hygiene courses in food- processing businesses.
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