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Some customer comments:

"I attended the Acre AGM and saw the [Great] Staughton video. It was extremely  good and it made an excellent impression. The people you used were all  very articulate and did the village credit." Parish Councilor, re village plan video. 

video graphic composite for Glaxo"I confirm that the final version is right on the button. We've just got to decide how many we need and then we'll be off with the production. As far as you and I are concerned we have finished and what an excellent piece of work it is. Many many thanks for your professionalism in this. So, until the next time (I've already got an idea developing elsewhere...) Cheers for now."
Head of Worldwide Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

hozelock business video production "I know that everybody who has seen the video has been impressed with its professionalism. I think it is a first class video, especially given the time scale in which you were asked to produce it and the amount of input necessary from different parties."
Customer Service manager,  Inland Revenue

composite image graphic"I have just seen the final production of our training video, and may I say how delighted I was with the result. Particular thanks are due for the imaginative production, which has resulted in an extremely professional finished product. I am pleased to say that the video is exactly the training medium we set out to achieve." 
Sales Director, Electronics manufacturer.

graphic"We were all astonished at how quickly the production team got under the skin of what we're about. I could see our people trusted you from the way they opened up on camera. Impressive."
Project manager, advertising agency.

"OK, just had the conference. Video looked great on 8' x 6' screen. Had lots of compliments too.All the bosses have said well done!"
Communications co-ordinator, College of Further Education.

"Unless someone suddenly spots something extraordinary that we have all missed, I think we are there! All we need to do now is to get it embedded in the Toolkit and I leave you to arrange that with Format. I'd like to thank you both for your time, energy and creativity in delivering this excellent product."
Communications manager, Strategic Forum for Construction

"Thanks for doing such a great job on the final edit. It's just super."
Senior manager, IR Learning

aerial view"The pilot went very well and your videos were very well received. Thank you very much for your help and assistance and for making the whole process so enjoyable."   
Assistant Director Special Compliance Office.

"I'm delighted with the video, and believe it to be just what we had in mind."
Managing Director, DRG Royal Sovereign.

fractal graphic video image "It looks very good, and those that have seen it so far are also very impressed. Not surprisingly, the marketing people are very taken with the "magic" updating of our old advertisement."
Marketing Services Manager, Ronseal

"In less than half an hour, this well-crafted film manages to encapsulate everything the ordinary worker needs to know about the protection of food in catering establishments .. it is a model of what an instructional film of this kind should be."
Health and Safety At Work Magazine

"I'm greatly impressed. It's a vast improvement on what we had before."
Manager, International Office, Inland Revenue

"This is to inform you of how very pleased I was with the way the above project was carried out. We are confident the commercial will do a great deal to increase awareness and sales enquiries."
Advertising manager, Rover

"I am particularly pleased with the outcome and especially impressed that you were able to work to our tight schedule."
National video coordinator, Inland Revenue

engineer video image"It has been acclaimed as the best video we have produced to date."
Sales manager, Balfour Beatty

"I must say I was impressed.  Should I ever decide to launch myself to stardom as the British answer to Bjork, I'll know where to come for the promotional video!"
Project manager,
Inland Revenue Training Office

"Just to let you know that we're really pleased with the video."
Managing Director, Cambridge Animation Systems

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your exceptional courtesy in putting up with a rank amateur over such a protracted period. I also never had a chance to tell you how superb all of us feel your writing is."
New York based TV syndicator

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