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Image creation and manipulation

Photography, graphics, animation, 3D   are often useful components in the video production process. This page shows some sample images. 

dawn sky, R|edhill
From the Roaches, in the peak district
beautiful pool view  at Tolon, Greece
face of an angel
on the other hand
iKatie by led screen light, longexposure ....
porch at night
hide and seek
e over the water - rainbow - video computer graphic
Govt office for West Midlands  - effect
unretouched - gentle gamma boost only. The face is really there ! Paris church
n-camera double exposure ... old school pic of Sheila
learnign to sail
roller derby in paris
lifeline - age concern graphic
aspiration nation - road ahead
waiting for transport
a rose  inwinter 2012
lido di jesolo view, dusk
sheldonian interior
cherry picking
tingaki sunset
aerial views can lend grandeur and perspective
band in hte old Chilcoot Hall
balloon meet, Northampton
stairs ay Fontainbleau
julia at Kings. Th old schol would turn in their crypts !
uae police
Belize. View from one of the magical cayes. .
pumpkin time again
video graphic
ancient and modern
incinerator interior
The Moody Goose, Midsomer Norton
passing teh baton - generation shift
tree goat, Crete
laskarina raf training video production
cleaning up safely

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For an overview of the video commissioning process, follow this link to:
The ACEVO Guide to Commissioning Video Production