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Grapevine offers two ways of working, to suit different client and task needs:

  • Project-based, all-inclusive, end to end production service, delivering appropriate, effective, high quality media to meet agreed budget and schedule requirements (short, simple programmes suitable for web delivery start from a few hundreds of pounds, and budgets rise from there); and
  • Time-based consultancy, covering a mix of project planning, script and copy writing, media and graphics creation, project management, idea generation and development - just what's needed for each project.

Define your audiences, objectives, means of distribution and available resources (time, people, places to film), and invite programme ideas and budget proposals, on either basis. Or work out what you want to pay, and ask what you can get for that.

The right tool for the job:
New media and video projects vary enormously in their scope and ambition, and, accordingly, so do their production budgets.

Grapevine's service covers a full range, including script, simple shoot and edit, short, sharp news-style clips and animated graphics sequences, promotions, documentary,  staged demonstrations or reconstructions, dramatisations with actors, broadcast presenters in studio or on location -  all delivered at appropriate technical quality, from top end to budget and from DVD to compressed multimedia or web formats.

Grapevine's budgets and rates are always competitive, and take careful consideration of customer objectives as well as the needs and interests of the target audience.  If you have a project under consideration, do consider asking for ideas, a cost estimate or a quote. Contact details.

To comply with High Value Dealer registration requirements and anti-money laundering regulations, Grapevine does not accept large cash payments (in the unlikely event of such being offered!) - currently defined as €15,000 or higher.  Cost planning and cash flow management are important for many businesses. In common with many video production companies Grapevine seeks to manage cash flow by agreeing appropriate stage payments and terms with its customers.

Grapevine Communications Cambridge UK
 Grapevine has closed its doors for the time being.    

For an overview of the video commissioning process, follow this link to:
The ACEVO Guide to Commissioning Video Production