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Video production  film = story + spectacle 

BullRing BirminghamVideo production: the art and mechanics of organising moving pictures and sound into stories or mood sequences.

For communicators, video production is also the alignment of those stories or mood pieces with desired outcomes in engaging, influencing and perhaps moving to action or to shift in attitude.

Audience and objective are always the starting point, if a video is to be worth the time, effort and cost of production and distribution.

Safety firstThen the next set of decisions surround programme approach and style: just what kind of video might have a good / the best chance of success in reaching and influencing key audiences in the desired dirction?

At this point a whole toolbox of possibilities is open, from talking heads to animated graphics, from detailed, authoritative documentary investigation to short, sharp advert, from music video to staged  scenes with actors, from historical review to live  demonstration   -  anything that might engage and sway a target audience is up for consideration.

Script, programme treatment.  Often a first step, or at worst a second step after budget setting, working through audience, audience context - what do they typically already know or think, what other messages are they being exposed to, how else is the organisation talking to them - desirable and appropriate style, review of available physical and financial resources, and planning schedule and distribution method.

tulips_2sxIf the basic idea for the video isn't anything much, then it will be hard for you or an outside to producer to come up with a finished video that does anything much. Although sometimes you can rewrite effectively in the edit if you have to, this is normally more costly and less efficient.

Filming, graphics creation, stock imagery.  Based on the script, idea, or programme treatment, this stage is the heart of the video production process. Appropriate camera choice, level of crewing will help to make this go smoothly, and ensure costs meet budget requirements.

Editing is a bit like word processing where you can only use whole, pre-formed sentences: a huge amount can be achieved, but this does depend on having good material for the editor to work with.

For a brief look at video styles follow this link.

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